California's 2016 Candidates


Kamala Harris

Kamala Devi Harris is the 32nd Attorney General of California.  She bears the unique status of being the first female, Asian American and African-American to hold this office. Previously, she served as Deputy District Attorney in Alameda County, Managing Attorney of the Career Criminal Unit in the San Francisco DA's Office, Chief of the Community and Neighborhood Division in the San Francisco CA’s office, and District Attorney of San Francisco.

A member of the Democratic Party, she graduated from Howard University and completed her Juris Doctor degree at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law.  Her positions on a wide variety of issues remain fairly liberal, and has worked on issues including mortgage fraud, criminal justice, and education during her time as Attorney General.


Loretta Sanchez

Loretta L. Sanchez is the current U.S. Representative for California’s 46th Congressional District, situated in central Orange County.  Having served in Congress for nearly 15 years, she previously represented the 47th Congressional District.  During her time, she was a member of the Committee on Armed Services, Committee on Homeland Security, Joint Economic Committee, Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Congressional Human Rights Caucus, International Conservation Caucus, and Sportsmen’s Caucus.

A member of the Democratic Party and Blue Dog Coalition, she holds a degree in Economics from Chapman College, and completed her MBA at American University.



33rd District Congressman: Ted Lieu

In the 2014 midterm elections, Ted W. Lieu was elected to California’s 33rd congressional district.  He succeeded retiring 40-year incumbent and UCLA alumni Henry Waxman.  Congressman Lieu serves on the House Budget Committee and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and was elected president of the Democratic Freshman class by his congressional colleagues.

Congressman Lieu is a former active duty officer in the U.S. Air Force and served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Reserves (the Congressman has since been to promoted to the rank of Colonel). Congressman Lieu has focused on veterans issue in the House, having passed three laws supporting armed services, including $35 million for the West Los Angeles VA.



Kenneth Wright


Kenneth R. Wright is a pediatric eye surgeon running for the U.S. Congress 33rd District seat.  A native of the greater Los Angeles area, Dr. Wright grew up in South Bay and attended California Lutheran University.  He earned his medical degree from Johns Hopkins University, and has been practicing pediatric ophthalmology ever since. Dr. Wright also started a foundation dedicated to improve the vision of children, and founded a clinic in Los Angeles that serves all impoverished children. Recently, the President of Panama awarded Dr. Wright a medal of honor for his dedication to the well-being on Panamanian children.

Dr. Wright describes himself as a Republican who offers an alternative to the liberal policies of incumbent 33rd District Congressman Ted Lieu. If given the opportunity to represent California's 33rd District in the U.S. Congress, he would pursue: reduction of the national debt, increased care for veterans, a strong economy, immigration reform, and comprehensive national security. 



54th District Assembly Member: Sebastian Ridley-Thomas

In December 2013, Sebastian Ridley-Thomas was elected to represent California's 54th Assembly District, which includes Century City, Culver City, Westwood, Mar Vista, Palms, Baldwin Hills, Windsor Hills, Ladera Heights, View Park, Crenshaw, Leimert Park, Mid City, and West Los Angeles.

Assembly Member Ridley-Thomas experienced a successful legislative year. In fact, all 12 of his bills and resolutions were signed by Governor Brown.  Moreover, he introduced an expansive bill package that included legislation to protect workers and consumers, stimulate infrastructure improvements, advance clean energy, and expand access to medical, dental, and mental health care.

As one of the six convening members of the Los Angeles County Caucus, a bipartisan group of legislators dedicated to improving the quality of life, Assembly Member Ridley-Thomas took great pride in his accomplishments for his constituents.  The Assembly Member passed legislation that not only protects open space and park access, but also boosts infrastructure improvements in Los Angeles County.


Glen Ratcliff

Glen Ratcliff most recently served as president of the California Republican Assembly, and as an ex officio member in the 54th Assembly District Central Committee in 2014.  In 2014, Mr. Ratcliff ran unsuccessfully against Sebastian Ridley-Thomas for California's 54th Assembly District. 

A Republican, Mr. Ratcliff is running a conservative campaign based on: freedom of choice in academia, cultivation of a business-friendly environment, reformation of California's business tax code, reduction of the cost of business in filmmaking, increasing the size of the police, and elimination of the state income tax.

Mr. Ratcliff graduated from Pepperdine University in 1976 with a degree in History.