Our Achievements

In our short existence, we have had tremendous success in creating social change at UCLA, and laying the ground work for our bold ambitions in the forth coming years.


1. Registered over 10,200 UCLA students to vote since Fall 2015 inception.

2. Coordinated with Vote America Now and Revolt TV's non-partisan youth voter turnout campaign "Revolt2Vote" to directly involve UCLA students in nationally televised town hall with Senator Bernie Sanders.

3. Reformed and revitalized the BruinsVote! campaign by holding on-campus events, forums, and registering students to vote during Spring 2016, in preparation for the Fall 2016 BruinsVote! Campaign

4. Held half dozen campus events and to increase political awareness and civic engagement, including panel with distinguished politicians and activists, such as California Republican National Committeeman Shawn Steele.

5. Established voter registration campus competition with USC in partnership with the Los Angeles County Registrar and the BruinsVote! Campaign.

6. Worked with the UCLA administration to place permanent voter registration links on prominent UCLA webpages to ensure all students, at any time, can have the sufficient opportunity to register to vote.

7. Institutionalized voter registration as part of the residence hall move-in weekend process.  Every Fall, V4F members will be at each move-in table, located outside of each residence halls, encouraging students to register to vote.

8. Implemented residence hall registration (i.e., "dorm storming") to register all Bruins for the 2016 Primary and General Elections. V4F will be going into all dorms and knocking on student's doors, asking them to register to vote.  V4F will be executing this practice during every Mid-Term and Presidential Election year, both for primaries and generals.

9. Recognized by the Daily Bruin with three separate features for comprehensive civic engagement efforts.